Backed by the wisdom of a global advisory board, the leadership team at KSAB SOFTWARE has rich experience in international consulting, IT outsourcing and IT services. Individually, the members of this team have covered almost the entire globe and made a difference to corporations that are Fortune rated or its aspirants. The one burning aspiration that binds this team together is to create and lead a Knowledge Services Organization that will touch the mind and souls of the people and organizations that they work with, creating unparalleled value.
Almost every member of our team has one or more advanced degree and/or other credential. The cultural diversity of our team brings with it experience from around the globe. Most of the employees have engineering / Msc Math background and are from top technology (IITs) / management institutes (IIMs). We leverage our in-depth market knowledge and experience to provide cutting-edge business solutions for our clients that helps them become globally competitive in the derivatives market.